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Rara Avis farm is a family management farmhouse situated in Mantua, close to the countryside but just about 10 minutes distant from the historical centre of Mantua town.
Rara Avis comprises a farm with ducks from different countries in the world, an organic garden and a nursery.
Mantua is considered a true little jewel by the crowds of tourists which always visit it. It is a typicalriver Po valley town which keeps its charm and beauty unchanged. In its historical centreyou can find enchanting testimonies of the past such as Il Palazzo Ducale, Il Castello di San Giorgio, La Basilica di S. Andrea, Palazzo Te, Il Palazzo della Ragione, La Rotonda di S. Lorenzo and many other buildings of great artistic and historical worth.
Mantua is encircled by its three small lakes which make it unforgettable. They are a vivid example of river Po valley landscape and belong to the Parco del Mincio protected land, together with their flora and fauna.The “three lakes” can be easily visited through excursions and boat trips which are regularly organised.
Rara Avis farmhouse is in the middle of attractive places and is a very good accommodation if you also wish to visit some beautiful surrounding areas such as the lower Garda villages (Sirmione, Desenzano, Peschiera), the mantuan morainic hills area, the village Sabbioneta or Verona.

Rara Avis farmhouse provides accommodation with breakfast included, lunch and dinner with typical mantuan food and wines.Rooms, which are completely independent, have:

  • security door
  • toilet
  • conditioning - air
  • internet connection
  • television
  • safe

Please write to our email address for reservations or for further informations. We will be glad to satisfy your need.

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